Taking Storytelling to New Heights

Amazing stories that are funny & or poignant from a range of industry influencers; writers, marketers, social media people, tour guides & globally interesting individuals

Add a fresh, fun, ‘outside the box’ event to your next trade event, an event that will further engage your attendees through the night!

We go a little ‘old school’ with an evening of true blue, heart-wrenching and or belly-aching funny, feel, good, life-changing and or simply insane stories told by the biggest, brightest and best characters at your event and in the travel industry.

We create a shortlist of storytellers, a mix of people from destinations, tour operators, industry suppliers, and more. It will be a mad mix of characters coming from diverse backgrounds and from various geographic locations.

Chez Chesak (Chez)

20+ Year Outdoor/Travel Industries Veteran & Managing Director of Tracks & Trails

Karen Loftus (Lofty)

Luxury Travel & Adventure Writer, Global Photographer, Raconteur

First, we work together to secure a list of 8-10 fantastic travel trade personalities attending your event who can tell an incredible story

Then, we secure a space for 150-200, a stage, a stage, theater seating, and a couple of microphones (we’ll seek out sponsors for drinks, snacks and maybe video later)

Finally, Chez and Karen emcee and each speaker gets no more than 10 minutes (perhaps less) to tell an outrageous, incredible, powerful and/or riotous story

Leading up to and after the event will be straight up social media gangbusters to promote to the trade. We will be bursting on both ends of the event. 

We have a few tricks up our sleeve for the actual evening that will make all present and able have a truly immersive, authentic and unique experience.

True to ‘travel’, everyone will leave having had an experience and perhaps will be a wee bit better and or different as a result of that.

ReVerbs launch @ Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage

150 attendees (nearly 20% of all show delegates attended the first ever ReVerbs!)

Sponsors included Columbia Sportswear, Eagle Creek luggage, and Buff scarves

Many longtime Summit attendees described it as ‘the best part of the Summit this year!’